I can’t find my Creation | Creation Deleted

Hey Creator,

By default, all Creations are saved as drafts.

Near the “Save” button, there is a dropdown menu where you can change the status to “publish”. Only published Creations are made visible publically.

If your Creations (regardless of status) have disappeared, it is likely because of an action at our end.

We take our policies very seriously and lack of compliance across any of our policies could have resulted in these issues.

You would have received a notification and an email informing you about the same. Some of the main policy violations are:

  • AI Content: Content generated completely or largely by AI is unacceptable. We expect completely human-written content.
  • Plagiarism: Content (regardless of you being its owner) should be exclusive to Milyin. If the content in your Creations is found to be taken from any other source on the internet (such as Medium, Reddit, or Quora), it will be removed.
  • Socially Appropriate: Our Creations are supposed to be appropriate for all age groups and belong to all demographics. Therefore, any Creation with socially unacceptable Creation will be removed.
  • Duplication: If your Creation has a significant percentage of similarity with any other Creation (yours or someone else), then the Creations are likely to be removed.
  • Spam: If you are publishing too many Creations about a particular topic, you are likely trying to promote/market the topic. Under such extreme cases, we remove all the similar Creations.
  • Thin Content: While we promote all formats of Creations, at the moment, the platform is designed to be text-driven. Having Creations with predominantly images or little/no content makes the content “thin”, as in very low value to the audience. All such instances of thin content, or removed from Milyin.
  • Scam: If we feel a piece of content is trying to mislead the audience, spread lies, or promote false information to cause harm to the audience in any way, we remove such content.\

In all cases, we retain the deleted Creations for about 30 days. If you feel the decision was incorrect, you can appeal within 30 days by writing to creators @milyin.com

You are always sent email notifications about any such actions from our side. Those deletions have an appeal button that helps you directly send an appeal to us.

We only allow 1 appeal per Creation. After re-evaluation the decision will be permanent.

If you did NOT receive information about deletion from our side, it is likely a technical snag or some other issue. Please contact us and allow us to resolve the issues.

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Write us an email at creators@milyin.com


Use our support form

You can also refer to our documentation including FAQs, Help, or Creation Guide

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