How to Increase Earnings as Creator at Milyin?

Published Creations but still not happy with Earnings?

At Milyin, you are provided with various earning tools and blocks from which you can choose. By default, all creators, including you, are monetized at Milyin, so you can start publishing and utilizing the Earning Blocks immediately.

First, let’s make sure you understand monetization correctly. Your audience will be shown these Earning Blocks between your Content. These blocks could include advertisements, affiliate links, and sponsorships. You may earn up to $0.3 per genuine engagement for every unique & genuine engagement on your Creation.

Many parameters are considered to govern how your earnings per click are calculated. Some of these parameters are out of your control. But, there are some things that you can optimise to increase earnings at Milyin:

  • Views: Creators are getting higher views, and Milyin promotes diverse audiences, thus resulting in higher earnings.
  • Fake Engagements: Our algorithms track IP addresses, device agents, and other engagement parameters. Creators indulging in fake clicks or forcing their audience to fake clicks would be penalized with reduced earnings-per-click.
  • Content: Sometimes, we may struggle to find relevant Earning Blocks to show in your Creation. We use your Creation of content-relevant ads. So, by increasing content length, you might provide you broaden our search parameters as well, resulting in better Earning Blocks.
  • Word Count: This should be obvious. The higher the word count, the more Earning Blocks would be placed within the paragraphs, ensuring higher chances of your Earning. Therefore, if your Creation permits, try to improve your word count.
  • Consistency: Creators who publish Creations regularly and consistently over some time are awarded higher earnings per click to motivate them and support them in their journey.
  • Policy Violations: At Milyin, using AI, plagiarism, duplicating, and inappropriate Content is strictly prohibited. Any policy violations, including those not mentioned here, will result in reduced earnings.
  • Demographics: All advertisers have specific target demographics. The closer an engagement is to their demographic, the higher the earnings. The demographics could include location, age, gender, etc. (You can not control this; it is mentioned for info)
  • Time Of The Day: Time can be a critical factor for engagement. For example, an advertisement about Food Delivery will more likely convert into sales at lunchtime. So, advertisers would be willing to pay more for the ad during that time. (You can not control this; it is mentioned for info)

Some other parameters also exist, but we refrain from mentioning all of them. The parameters above paint an almost complete picture of optimizing your earnings.

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