How Can I Grow Views On My Creations?

Growing your audience and attracting new views is critical for your growth. As a Creator, your audience will always appreciate quality Creations. Optimizing your Creations to maximize your reach further is essential in the modern, competitive world.

Everything we mention here is a recommendation and is highly generalized. We understand that every Creator has their unique audience; therefore, you should do what you consider best for your needs, even if it means going against these recommendations.


Always set an attractive thumbnail representing what your Creation is all about. Visual Content immediatelyCreations the audience’s attention and will likely be viewed quickly. Therefore, you can create or edit your Creation and Set Thumbnail for your audience.

Always ensure your images are copyright-free, and you have the right to use and distribute these images.


Like Twitter and Instagram, you can type hashtags in the Content, and they will convert into actual tags after publishing. People can directly visit hashtags to discover your Creations or find similar Creations from hashtags.


After publishing, you can click the “Share Creation” button and share it with your friends and family to gain a wider audience. As you share your Creation, the virality effect kicks in. The more the people that share your Creation, the higher will be your referral traffic.


In all your Creations, include links to your other Creations for your audience to visit. This ensures people can directly go to more of your Creations when they visit any 1 Creation.

To insert a link to any other Creation, click the plus icon in the Creation Editor, go to Content Blocks, and then embed Creation.


Your followers are sent Creation notifications (just like YouTube Subscriptions) about your latest Creations. 

Therefore, you should follow, engage, and chat with other Creators at Milyin. At the same time, you should follow other Creators to receive quality Creations in your mail.

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