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A B W Drawing

The Importance of Reflection

If i do a podcast, I will watch it back and write down every time i made a mistake or every time i could have used a different word. I will sit there and actually analyze my work to get better.

Two Boxers Fighting

Facing a calm opponent in a fight is super scary

By the way, that's scary. Super scary. Yo, if you walk into a dude and he's just, super calm, like he doesn't care. Fuck all that. I don't even want to be here anymore. Absolutely.

View From Behind

The role of pride in achieving personal goals

I think as a man searching for pride or searching to feel proud is a pretty positive mindset for masculine achievement. I just say if you were to take a man and say, how would you make your parents,

Piles Of Cash Description Generate An Image Of Bun

Money is truthfully the stored time and energy of other people

Money is not real from a governmental perspective because they just print it as nothing. But money is truthfully the stored time and energy of other people. If you have money,