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The rose 🥀 🌹 tree 🌳

There was once upon a time a good man who had two children: a girl by a first wife, and a boy by the second.  The girl was as white as milk, and her lips were like cherries.


The old woman 👵 and her pig 🐖

Once upon a time there lived an 👵 old woman.she lived day she was sweeping her house, and she found a little #crooked sixpence. 'What,' said she, 'shall I do with this little sixpence?


Tom Tit Tot ✨✨

Once upon a time there was a woman and she baked five pies 🥧 . But when they came out of the oven they were over-baked and the crust was far too hard to eat.

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Magic ✨ needle 🪡✨✨

A wizard live in a country .he used to #demonstrate magical trick before people in different parts of country.

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Oh! Someone’s baby-sitting😓

It was a breezy sort of day in hundred acre woods.Kanda pulled on her sweater as she head for the door. She was going to the other side of the road to pick cloudberries for dessert 🍨 .

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Alice in the wonderland 🌺🌺🌈👧

One sunny afternoon Alice and her sister were sitting in the garden. Her sister had her nose in a book and Alice was bored.

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A spring time surprise 🌺🦄

'It’s time for the winter wrap up 'cried cookie sparkle .as she woke up and let winter morning.  'today we officially say goodbye to winter and welcome in spring'.

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The twelve month 🌺❄️🌞🍁

Once there lived a woman with her two daughters Helena, who was her own child and Marika her# stepdaughter.  she loved Helena but she dislikes Marika.


Princess bellina 👸& prince bellamite🤴

Ringing of bell is such a joyful and delighted sound. but do you know that ringing of bell is due to some small little #folks Who live in the bells 🔔.


The magical 🪄swan 🦢

Once upon a time there were lived three brothers.their parents were died and they used to live together in the house 🏠 which their father has left for them in #heritage . The elder brother was Baker 👨...