Unbalanced love story


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Once, there was a girl named keya. She was like very talkative, very energetic and very kind too. But she was innocent as well. At one period she started too find a job for herself, and she got one. At that time, she met a boy, named kanth. Firstly, they were like ignoring each other not interpreted to talk. As time flews they came closer to each other and they fall in love. Everything was going well, But one day that boy starts ignoring her. She was clueless that what happened suddenly. She asked the boy many times to talk. She begged. Then, one day boy told her that he doesn’t love her. The boy used her. The girl went to the depression. She was crying day and night. Then days passes, after all one day a boy came in to her life. He cared for her and showed her that how the pure love is. She remained with him and they both get married and lived a happy life.

Krishna Raval



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