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The Online Recycling Experience

16th October 2023 | 2 Views

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The concept of Recycling is not new and in recent years has been recognised as an essential part of our lives.

India is a country where people are gradually becoming aware of how recycling can make a difference, especially at a time when there are rapidly changing climatic conditions that pose a threat to our environment.

We are aware of the offline or physical methods to dispose of waste, there are scrap dealers who come to your doorstep to pick up the products that you no longer use.

Since Internet connectivity has improved and a large number of the population have access to online services, it is natural that there are companies that are formed to deal with buying and selling products for scrap.

We are still in the early stages of the online recycling market, the process is complicated because India is a vast country and there are many factors that determine the success of the process.

For starters, one has to decide what he wants to sell, it could be old clothes, books, newspapers or electronic devices.

This is a challenge not just for the seller, there are many factors to be taken into consideration for the buyer, such as, easy to navigate website and app, type of products that are acceptable for recycling and the mode of pickup.

The biggest problem with completing the buying and selling process is the pricing, how do you get an accurate description of the product that matches the value of the product to make it a recyclable product.

Currently, if you do a Google search, there are many sites that cater to the recycling market as there is a demand for such services that make it possible to dispose of waste.

I have gone through some of these sites and I have observed that most of them deal primarily with disposal of used electronic devices, that is, smartphones, tablets, laptops, refrigerator, air conditioner etc.

Furthermore, these categories are further subdivided into different types of brands like acer, oppo, Vivo, dell, samsung Lenovo and many more.

Next, comes the matching of the price to the product according to the condition, whereby it should be in working condition, otherwise it has no resale value. 

There are many questions that are used to determine the value of the product such as how old is the phone for example: 5 years, whether the product is under warranty, does it charge properly, do the buttons work properly.

It seems like a complicated process, we must understand that it is required, because it gives both the seller and the buyer, a better idea of the product and how much it is worth.

After the seller has got a better understanding of the value of the device that he is trying to sell, one has the option to agree to the value assigned by the buyer.

The biggest sticking point is the pickup by the buyer, there have been many instances where the pickup date and time is arranged but the pickup is not done which is an inconvenience for the seller.

In the end, we need to be careful, when making a sale online, one needs to check the value, do a comparison of the value and decide whether it is possible to go ahead with the transaction.

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