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The International Filmfest Has Gone Through Many Challenges But Still Succeeded

16th October 2023 | 931 Views

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Recently, one of the most #exceptional  school ‘HANSRAJ PUBLIC SCHOOL, Panchkula organised #International Film Fest. And to the students it was a appreciable experience. As in India many school organise many different events but it was a exceptionable one. I don’t know about others but I heard it first time. Everyone was very excited for the event. As by the name anyone can understand that what was it. Many films or we can say that short shows were to be shown to children. And most importantly these shows were never published or were never out in the threatre. It comprised of many shows for small children and pre born children than those. Many if you must be wandering who all actors or actress were there in the shows? Proceeding with  pessimistic review, there were no legends that played there role. Some of the shows were animated and some we’re related to real life. The basic aim was to indulge moral values and good sense of felling in every stage of student. Not only students but parents too gave good responce. During school time students of different classes were shown short films and after that all were warmly invited. The tickets were not priced too much but a average price of rupees 200. Those who came with a view of flims like romantic, superheroes and a tragedy kind of we’re disappointed. They didn’t utilized even a penny they payed. But in the evening shows many of the parents and their youngy ones didnt enjoyed  but later the whole setup shifted to open ground with a screen and projecter in the school itself . The students were given many duties which were performed with sincerity. When we talk about duties it was divided into many groups. Like the #digital team, #OC(organising committee), communication team and many more. Digital team basically have to make cinematic videos and grab the whole scenery into the cameras. OC like it’s name suggests have make all the arrangements and guide people to the right place. They have to take reviews from the viewers and transfer the data to the DT. #IKFF keeps on launching many such events, it was our time to get the opportunity. Further it’s going to held in some other part of the world.  Many of you must be wandering why I am writing all this, it’s  just to share my experience that’s all.   Thanks for reading by extarcting precious time from your busy schedule.

Tejas Gautam



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