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Milyin has turned 6 months old, and we have lot of things to share. We have newer designs, improved color schemes, dark mode, more features and many integrations along with sharing some milestones Starting with the major one being Theme change, we have changed our WordPress theme from one theme from Themeisle to another, earlier we were using Hestia theme, now Milyin runs over Orfeo theme. Next major change is the newer color scheme, earlier we used to have light background and darker container, while now the container is lighter than background, and the color is having more contrast. Speaking of colors, we are also launching Dark Theme For Milyin. The dark theme will make the color scheme darker, so that you can use it in darker environment, moreover it saves battery also. The next one is related to overall workflow, we have heard many complaints of content going outside the container for New Creations and My Creations Page. We have redesigned the My Creations page from scratch and is working wonderful, besides looking better. The New Creation page is also improved and now remains inside border. Another Newer iteration, is the text editor for Milyin. The newer Text Editor For Milyin is there to improve workflow and has lots of new features enclosed in Menus. Milyin has updated its Featured Image for pages, with our tagline “It’s The Passion That Matters” Milyin has also dropped the experiment to extensively show affiliate links, Milyin will Now focus over Adsense income only for its working.  


It's The Passion That Matters

Milyin Creators



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