Mystical Journey


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In the realm where spirits dance and fly,

Where mystic whispers paint the sky,

I find myself, in humble awe,

Seeking truths that light the soul’s core.

Beneath the veil of earthly sight,

A tapestry of stars ignite,

Each shining soul a flickering flame,

In this grand cosmic, eternal game.

With eyes closed tight, I journey deep,

Through realms unseen, where secrets keep,

I shed the armor of mortal guise,

Embracing light that never dies.

In sacred silence, I find my voice,

A symphony of dreams and choice,

The rhythm of my beating heart,

A testament to life’s precious art.

I dance upon the threads of time,

A melody woven in the divine,

For in each step and graceful sway,

I glimpse the truth that holds my way.

Within the stillness, I’m reborn,

A vessel for love, no longer torn,

Connected to all that has been,

All that is, and will be seen.

Through ancient forests, I freely roam,

Guided by whispers calling me home,

I’m but a vessel, a vessel of light,

Navigating the cosmos, shining bright.

Oh, spirit of mine, forever free,

Embrace the boundless mystery,

For in this journey, we unfold,

A story eternal, yet untold.

So let us soar, on wings unseen,

Embracing all that lies between,

The seen and unseen, the vast expanse,

A cosmic dance, where spirits enhance.

Uttam Kumar Panigrahi



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