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A Dance in the Rain

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Walking with you if it rained

I will stop 

And look at you 

And call you name 

To say ‘the time has come’,

Then look at the sky

And call your name again.


The cold raindrops will kiss my face

The winds will caress my soul 

And I will look at you and call your name.


Inundate my heart with love 

The way rains love the earth

As it’ll rain only on us

And nowhere else. 


It’s just us, only us

Under a sky that’s crying

Out of happiness,

For you’re smiling at me

And I’m smiling at you

Out of happiness. 


Let’s drench in this rain 

As if it’ll never rain again,

Let’s soak our souls 

In this rain of joy.


Let’s dance in this rain

Like never again

And we’ll together catch cold

And sip on the finest whiskey

Say some 18 years old.


I’ve seen the rain fall on you 

And the raindrops catch fire

Therefore your hands warm

And my eyes ablaze. 


With you in this rain

If I only had a chance

Then I will only dance

Wearing a garland of your arms.

I will look at you 

And call your name,

Look into my eyes

And tuck your wet hair

On the back of your ears

And I will just smile.

Like a rainbow!

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