AMAZON Fire Tv Stick Can Even Change A Simple Tv………..

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3rd July 2024 | 1029 Views

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  1. #Amazon had been launching many new devices. It has been even giving new startups, a platform to express themselves. Helping everyone #AMAZON has reached at the top. and it should maintain the position. and including that it had launched a new device #Fire TV Stick. Many of you must be aware, who all are tech GURU. But knowledge of most of the things around you must be with you. So you must be clear about the topic and lets start.

#AMAZON Fire TV Stick is a device that actually convert your simple tv into android tv and what we call smart tv. It usually come in a box given below.   The box contain the most special a pendrive kind of thing the fire tv stick,  a USB cabel , an adapter,  a HDMI adapter, a HDMI extender cabel. The stick contains a memory of 1 GB. It is directly connected to  the HDMI port of tv and starts streaming. This all was about specification but interesting things are about to come . Any one will feel good when your money is saved and the work is done. This is a same case as a price of  around 4000 rupees (old version) you can make any of your tv unto a smart tv. Mostly the android tv is around above 50,000 rupees and above. So it saves a lot of money. And the important one is you don’t have to compromise with anything with it. Many of you must be wandering why I am not been talking about chromecast. But actually both are really two different things. Chromecast give us the permission of only screencasting but fire tv stick gives you the freedom of doing everything like online streaming, screen casting, paying bills, booking tickets only because it has a web browser. The newer version of chromecast is also about 2000 rupees. And buying that is just a waste of money. It has many other feature like that. But importantly it is portable, which means that you can take it with you anywhere and just plug in the tv and enjoy. Its takes a few minutes to start and never lags. Only one thing #INTERNET should be there where you are using it. A good speed of it can give u a good experience. As it is a amazon exclusive it works excellent with amazon prime. You can use it without that also.  All new movies get added on its own. All updates also get on its own. Its user interphase is awesome. Everyone will easily adapt to it and will fall in love with it. Now amazon has launced a newer version of #Fire Stick. The new features that were not in older versions are volume rockers, 4K display, on and off button. It costs around 6000 rupees. BUt still it worth it, with its new features.  With that say I end my blog here only not entending too much. This the link for Fire tv Stick if you want to purchase it. Thank You guys for reading my blog.    

Tejas Gautam



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