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Bitter truth of life

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Life can push you down on the ground in every chapter it can
break you Which might be quite difficult for you
Perhaps, standing on your feet again will be hard for you
But this is actually what life is
The more you feel, the more you’ll learn to stand on your own
The more you break, the stronger you’ll become
If life throws you off, stand up, and show some gratitude that you’re in God’s concern and that he’s doing all this to make you stronger than ever.
Life is not always about happiness and convenience
Life has both failures and sadness
You’re not living life if there’s no grief in it
Life is like that book that has chapters of happiness and sadness
If you become arrogant in the chapter on happiness, you won’t have the stamina to face the chapter of sadness and failure
But if you always get stuck in every sad chapter and keep blaming yourself then forget that you have something called “happiness” in life too.

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