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The main cause that leads you to darkness is the light of expectations associated with people with which you illuminate your heart. Why do you always think that you need support to get out of the darkness? Why do you always wait for someone to come? Why are you never enough for yourself? You think you need support to hold yourself up because your soul is on the verge of endurance while your actual need of an hour is your self. If people come to hold you, then they’ll come with their colors and you’re holding their hand by considering them your perfect cure while you have your eyes shut over your colors. They’ll be lit a lamp of hope in your despairing soul and soon will extinguish it. Time changes on its time, but people change at any time. Whenever you find yourself in darkness, it’s your choice to choose whether to scatter yourself by chasing others or to refine yourself with your colors. Your dependence on others will slash all your wings while independence will teach you how to fly with your colors. So, the only one who can bring color into your life is just yourself.

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