Unrequited love


3rd July 2024 | 14 Views | 0 Likes

Disclaimer from Creator: The poem is my own. Creativity and expression is all by me

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Past those blurry lines 
A faded memory resides in my heart 
Making itself a home 
And growing profusely. 

When I look back at the memories of joy, 
We spent together
In each other’s arms 
I feel myself lost
In that moment forever. 

I wonder how naive we were 
To think this will last forever. 
But we forgot that
Nothing lasts forever. 

Our love ended
And we seperated. 
The path of our lives,
Which we decided to walk together, 
Hand in hand, seemed so long, 
That we got tired 
And rested for a while. 

The ‘while’ lasted longer
Than expected and 
Our love remained 
Forever unrequited. 

Adreezaa Das



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