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That One Step Out Of Fear

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Every step is not not always the same,

Every road that you walk on is not always the same,

But your hope to cross that path can be, 

That strength to face to face every obstacle can be

Only when you learn to take a step out of fear

Yes, I am talking on that fear

Which is hidden from everyone around you

But i can see it within your eyes

I know you can shine out brightly 

you have that caliber to bloom

You have that hidden magic 

Then why you are afraid of that steo

Stop thinking of they will say

Instead if you didn’t do it now

What you will revert to your own self 

Stop getting clutched in overthinking

Just put your fear into the back pocket

Tie your lace and step out

See your magical skills are waiting for you

Just come out with that one step without fears

And you will feel the beauty that lies within you.

Kanchan A mauryaLast Seen: Jun 15, 2023 @ 5:39am 5JunUTC

Kanchan A maurya


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