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‘Tim’s Fantastic Voyage: A Tale of Dreams and Delight’


16th October 2023 | 4 Views

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In a world of wonder and delight,
Where stars twinkle in the velvet night,
Let me weave a tale, both sweet and wild,
A poem for kids, each word a smile.

Once upon a time, in a land so grand,
Lived a brave young hero, with a heart so grand.
His name was Tim, a fearless lad,
With dreams as big as the ocean clad.

He sailed the seas on a paper boat,
With his loyal crew, a quacking goat.
They sought treasures hidden deep below,
Where mermaids danced, their tails aglow.

On their journey, they met a talking tree,
Whispering wisdom, sharing secrets free.
Its branches swayed and leaves did sway,
Guiding Tim and friends along the way.

They reached an island, full of magic rare,
Where unicorns roamed, with rainbow hair.
Fairies sprinkled shimmering dust,
Granting wishes, as they surely must.

Tim’s wish was simple, like a daisy’s bloom,
To spread kindness and banish gloom.
He built a school where children learned,
With laughter and love, their hearts were burned.

Together they sang, their voices pure,
Filling the air with a melody so sure.
They danced and played, side by side,
In a world where dreams could never hide.

And so, dear children, the story goes,
Of Tim and his friends, where happiness flows.
Remember to be brave and follow your heart,
For in every adventure, a new start.

Let your imagination soar up high,
As you chase rainbows across the sky.
In this magical world where dreams come alive,
May joy and wonder forever thrive.

Ankit Nareti



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