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My Heart’s carved into You


16th October 2023 | 78 Views

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Two lovers found a pearl
As they walked
Down the autumn pathway
Oh! I wish I had it on a golden ring
She said
He promised it to her in silence
Putting the pearl into his pocket
In the swaying wind
Amongst the rustic beauty of the leaves
And the ambrosial evening
As she walked
Caught into her aura 
He captured it all into his eyes
From her hair 
As she unties the silk ribbon
To her smile 
As she collects bunches of Chandramallikas
Look! Aren’t they pretty
To which he mumbles under his breath 
“You’re my Chandramallika”
The shutter got pressed 
As she blushed.
And the sun sets.

As Diana sleeps with Endymion
And the clock strikes twelve
She makes a wish 
No sooner than 
She opened those moonlit eyes
There he was
On his knees 
And in his hand 
A golden ring
With the pearl onto it
And a book named
“Mine Chandramallika”
And in it were those captures of her
Painted on pages through his fingers
All the way from his heart.

                                              ~Shinjini Bhattacharya 

Shinjini Bhattacharya



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