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Girl in the box

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She says she wants to breathe

She wants to fight 

She wants to feel

She wants to live

Locked in a box

With no key

Captured in a bleeding heart 

Trying to escape

Wounds marr her way

She says she can bear anything

She says she feels too much not to express

Want to escape the gruesome cage of beats

Want to come out to play

Show darkness and light again

She says she dreams of a different life

She waits for miracles

Even after she is broken

She says the shell needs the soul to live

She says I am nothing without her

But i can prove her wrong almost 

I breathe while she heaves

Yet often at strange hours she comes out to play

Breathing air,too much for her

I lock her again for fear

She will be free of her cage

Nitika KochharLast Seen: May 22, 2023 @ 2:22pm 14MayUTC

Nitika Kochhar


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