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The hope that is mine


16th October 2023 | 9 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: I wrote this on my own while thinking on a few beers

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I set out for a walk in the morning sun with my fellow man

To feel a limitless joy in the light I own but it was neither mine nor his

A few steps more to feel the land that belongs to me yet after me it’s neither mine nor is his

For more I walk and the air I breathe it feels a little less mine as is his

Yet we move ahead in arms with a mellow hope that what’s ahead is a bit belonging to us both

Just a mere mile more and we see, nor air nor water nor sand is me

So what is and what not but hope or despair we seek 

Oh what fools we are to think we own a bit
Or bite or a speck of the world we see

It owes us, yet indebted we feel 
All I can give back is a promise of hope, a grain of glee 

If we stick together , a tomorrow it will be . Nor dark nor light but a bit of our own , ours and mine 
That we may call our destiny

Sameer Gulati



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