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An independent girl

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An independent girl
There is village where girl is not allowed to study buiness a girl in villages has a dream to study and live in city and become independent and support herself and family she study hard and was good in study and score good and teacher are impressed by her one day at 17 for her a boy came for married her her parents also said yes and she cried and teacher asked what happen then she told she want to study further don’t want to get married and make name of village teacher talked to her parents this is a age of her to study and become independent so she don’t need other and support herself so parents agree and let her studied further she completed her study and got job and now is independent and fullfill her dream of becoming independent And got good package salary now live in city and and support herself and her family and is very happy for her achievements and her parents are proud of her for having intelligent and talented girl career is very important to become something

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