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Traditional village

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Traditional village
There is a village in india where girls are not allowed to study and are forcefully got them married and not allowing to live them there live there was a teacher in village who should sympathy towards the situation and did meeting with head to let girls study and don’t force them for marriage so he worked for girls so that they can study and stopped forced marriage and even give girls to do job so that they can became independent he helped make girl future bright and educated them and gave them good job and always look after them to needy he did not charge fees and then that village became respectful as girls came and worked in city also taught everyone to be respectful and nice towards women be supportive And gave girls there right who are interested in study always there to support them encourage them he loved to teach and wanted others to be educated so that they can take there own stand in life and can always support and can stand own feet so that there parents feel proud on them he fighted with village head and told him the importance of education in life.

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