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A dark night

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A dark night
Once upon a time there was a farm house goes from forest way the surrounded by forest and village there was a house and story starts a family was living with there 4 kids suddenly a kid saw a dream of black cat and he follows cat in dreams and falls in well and gets up the next day father brought a black cat the kid who saw in dream was shocked to same cat all started play suddenly in night cat ran a kid follows cat and fell in well upon this incident everyone is shocked everyone that kid didn’t return next night cat wakes up the kid and and follows Balck cat and he also fell in well in 2 days 2 kids fell in well shocked and doubt of cat then family take cat and leaves in forest and 3 rd cat cames back in wakes up 3 rd kid he follows the cat and fells in well family goes to spiritual master to find why it’s happening he narrate a story and tell few years back there was a maid who works there and the kids mother doubted the maid for having affair with his husband so she kills the maid and that maid return as black cat to take revenge that master told to say sorry to that cat and master helped that cat soul to calm they says sorry to cat that cat goes one kid and both parents lived and felt sorry

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