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As a poet, I sit and write,

Words that flow from dawn ’til night,

My pen, it dances with such glee,

Oh, the joys of being free!

My verses, they sing a song,

Of love, of life, of right and wrong,

I capture thoughts and dreams on paper,

My words, they fill the world with caper.

The rhymes come easy, they flow so quick,

They interlace, they simply click,

My mind is free to roam and soar,

As I write, I feel so much more.

So let the words be the key,

As I pour my soul, set it free,

With every sentence, every line,

A new discovery, a moment divine.

Being a poet is not a job,

It’s a passion, a gift to self,

For every word that’s written down,

Adds a little more to life’s crown.

So let the rhythm carry on,

I’ll write ’til the break of dawn,

For in these words, the magic lies,

And my soul takes flight, touching the skies.

Written by- Gautam S Gond

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