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Lost in the Abyss

16th October 2023 | 2 Views

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In shadows deep, where frustration dwells,

A weary heart, in a desolate spell,

I wander lost, feeling stuck, alone,

In a world where empathy has flown.

Life’s burdens weigh upon my soul,

As hardships rise, and take their toll.

No one to turn to, no comforting ear,

Just empty voices, distant, insincere.

Within this void, I search for solace,

Yearning for understanding, a tender embrace,

But those around, consumed by their task,

Offer no respite, no questions they ask.

Their minds consumed by work and toil,

No room for empathy, no time to uncoil,

They speak in lessons, with no empathy’s hue,

Unaware of the torment that I’m going through.

A hellhole of thoughts, draining my might,

Where energy wanes, like stars in the night.

Positivity eludes me, a vanishing sight,

And advice to stay strong only adds to the fight.

Oh, the clutches of money, a powerful force,

That dictates dreams, on its reckless course.

Empty pockets, like dimming stars in the sky,

Can’t make aspirations gleam, no matter how I try.

But deep within, a flicker remains,

A spark of resilience, amidst the pains,

For even in darkness, a glimmer resides,

A flame of hope, that silently guides.

Bhavna Sharma



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