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They say a boy and a girl can never be best friends,

this was true for one of my friends.
Being best friends overshadowed my developing feelings for him,

and finally when finally one of my most important bonds broke,

i realised it was more than friends feeling for me and it started to choke.


Someday i hope he might like me back,

and we might have an interesting story like those breathtaking books on the rack.

Someday his pretty glittering eyes would yearn to see me in a crowd,

and smile about his choice and be proud.

Someday i hope he might think about being friends with me again,

when our best time spent together he regains.

Someday his smiles and kisses might only be for me,

and while telling his friends about me he might have a glee.

Someday i might be able to create happy and emotional memories with him,

and days when we see each other our problems look smaller than they seem.

I wish someday i might be able to build my courageĀ 

and confess my feelings

that i will like you every minute of my day,

but you might never feel the same about me but still i will hope someday…….

shreeya sonavane



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