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A sweet dreamy surprise

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A dreamy sweet surprises
At night a girl was sleeping and dreaming stars and moon are shining white and a fairy comes and took her to chocolate park chocolate world  where everything is of chocolate chocolate fountains cupcake candy chocolate house the house looks like cake she got delicious chocolate candy cake then at night unicorn takes her to moon and stars where the fairy lives and there is beautiful snow castle where fairy mother lives and she meet a princess her palace was next to snow castle the princess house so beautiful which is pink and white colour and princess gave her gift  they all celebrate her birthday girl was smiling as she saw such a beautiful dream in her birthday and fairy gave beautiful dress shoes and girl looked beautiful in took tour of star moon snow castle meet all fairy and everyone wishes her happy birthday and then girl wake up happily for seeing such a beautiful dream at evening girl got princess cake for birthday she remembers a her dream the cake looks like the princess she saw meet in her dreams for seeing such beautiful dreams in her birthday the girl was very thankful

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