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 Img 3089Love is the most beautiful and pure feeling. There are many stages of love but the first love of school life is very beautiful and pure. This is the most beautiful phase of life.

I am sam used to study in class 8th. I was playing with my friends when Shanvi came into orbit. She was looking very beautiful and her demeanor showed a bit of arrogance. My eyes kept looking at her. It was the first time I had seen a girl like this. My friend Ramesh saw this and first made fun of me then told that she was his friend and very aggressive in nature. She is very good in studies and has many other talents. Flirting with her is like playing with fire. She has two brothers in the same class who are very popular in the class and is called the leader of the class. I thought it very challenging to impress Shani but I decided to impress her at any cost. First I take complete information about her and grow friendship with some stupid but fighting students so with their help I can fight with many people to become popular and come in the eyes of Shanvi But this decision became stupid I realize that girls hate the guy who fought without any reason. After that I notice that I have good bonding with the girl who are Shanvi’s friend. I request one of them for help me to became shanvi’s friend and she helped me and after some time we became friends.To impress Shanvi, Silent Sam starts arguing with teachers who don’t like Shanvi, period bunks with her, playing in class, sitting on the last bench and pranks become common. This timing turned out to be the best and now we have become good friends. My feeling grow fast and also become popular in less time. Now August came the month in which Shanvi’s birthday. I was lucky that day was sunday and there was extraclass due to class decoration competition and only some students had to came for. Shanvi’s brother decided to celebrate his birthday in class and I also purchased gift for her but unluckily she didn’t came.

We all 7 friends now sit on last benches and enjoys a lot whole day. But it is never too late to change the time. My best friend had a crush on Shawni’s best friend. He told me to ask her but this mistake changed the whole atmosphere of our friendship. Now everything changes and I just try to manage things but fail again and again. Bad times don’t leave you easily. Teachers change the sections to the students according to their grades. We were both in the same section but his brother and good friends were also there. In a short span of time, there was good bonding between me and his brother, it was good for me.Exams were round the corner, whole year I didn’t read a single word and good grades are necessary, else my family will kill me, else my whole image will be tarnished in front of Shanvi.I start working hard and study by taking lectures all night. I had to complete whole year syllabus in 20 days and I did it and got satisfactory marks. I can do better if I complete my notes for the whole year, but my year is spent watching Shanvi.Year is over and one month vacation time don’t know how the vacation passed without having fun with him.On the result day I got crush on shanvi again. She was in color dress looks gorgeous. One hair was on her face and she smiles and much happy because he topped in the class.

The journey of class 9 begins and I am glad that me and Shanvi were in the same section and also my two intelligent and genius friends. The first day was good, we have a lot of fun that day. Now whole month all three of us sit together and make fun of each other, sometimes we talk about another crush and most of time in own fun.The month ended with the monthly test and Shanvi and I became friends again. Summer vacation starts and become very boring so I started learning to write and poetry it was very interesting. Summer vacations were coming to an end and I am excited to see Shanvi again It was a rainy day and we all talk about where we spent our holidays, I saw saanvi and hope this year is good for me. 

2 months passed very well we all are best friends now and many other students joined our group. In these months I understood all Shanvi’s favorite things, nature and other things. I found that due to some circumstances there is rivalry between Shanvi and some other girls. These girls are my friend too and one of them calls me brother but this not affects anything.  As we know friendship with Shanvi is equal to playing with fire and this fire hurts me first time when Shanvi told to Sst teacher that I am not completed my notes and even I didn’t make notebooks. Now teacher told me to saw my notes but I didn’t have even notebook  she provide me 2 days and there is 3 days left after this. As all say in bad times your friends never drop your hand at this time my best sister cum friend helps me and write whole copy in only 4 days she come like angel for me.But when bad times came, he did not leave you easily, he also checked my copy. Our teacher is very smart, she understands that the copy is checked by someone else and not by her. Now first period is like terror for me but I manage by challenging the teacher that without notes I get better marks than other students. This matter doesn’t change anything between me and Shanvi and I help Shanvi’s brother in other matters as well, this grows our relationship. The whole year is spent in entertainment but now the biggest question is how do I explain my feeling to Shanvi?

Somnath Mishra



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