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16th October 2023 | 7 Views

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A great teacher that life is called,

Leaves me much appalled

How can you be so unpredictable and indifferent?

If a lesson be so hard, who would learn it?

Great teachers are difficult not harsh

Great teachers give, not steal

Great teachers may punish and not hurt

Now, would that wound of mine ever heal?

Would you make up for that you steal?

Your lessons fail me each time, I try to master or comprehend

Never could I believe that fatal blow

You hit me just my belt below

This cannot be your lesson intended

Is it just the beginning or the end of the lesson?

I wish this was the last of all the lessons

For this one has but been the darkest

The harshest truth I cannot belie

For what I am left with is a hollow I can’t deny

You gave me all the teachings you had

Was I the only learner you had?

Was I the only leaner you had?


shikha sondhi



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