Unintelligible Love

16th October 2023 | 5 Views

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What a beautiful thing right,
That can happen to somebody, love.
A miracle, yet it happens often, then and now.
The way this uninvited guest creeps in,
the whole of humanity wonders how.

The number of times it touches people,
Is the number of stars in the sky on a clear day.
But if you try to count the times,
They make it out, make it to the end,
It becomes a rainy day.

When someone says they have never felt love,
Either it is due or it is just a fallacy.
Because, the way I see it,
It is love’s obligation and imperative duty,
To enter and conquer thee.

When you do feel it, let them know.
Let them know that you’d be proud and happy,
“To call you mine”.
Through your words or your care,
Or blaze it through your eyes and let it shine.

It will hit, hard like an unexpected hail.
You’ll know when your heart aches,
To just look at someone’s pretty little face,
Or to hear their voice for days.
If life was a ship, love would be its sail.

To win in love,
It’s going to be hard and intense.
There are going to be struggles and sacrifices.
But make sure you go the distance.
Fight for it, fall for it, but never give in.
After all, anything for love is not a sin.

Naveen Flame



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