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16th October 2023 | 9 Views

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Amidst the vast and starry sky,

Where twinkling lights do dance and fly,

A symphony of silence sings,

And peace within my soul takes wing.

The moon, a pearl of purest white,

Illuminates the velvet night,

Its gentle rays caress the earth,

And give the world a second birth.

The stars, like diamonds in the dark,

Their distant fires doth leave their mark,

And every single one proclaims,

A universe of endless flames.

The night, a canvas for the mind,

Where dreams and visions intertwine,

A place where all our fears depart,

And hope within our hearts does start.

This beauty, pure and unadorned,

A world by light and darkness formed,

A wonder to behold and see,

A truth that sets our spirits free.

So let us gaze upon the sky,

And let its majesty draw nigh,

For in its silent, tranquil hue,

We find a peace that’s ever true.

Tanu Singh



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