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Oh, lovely feline, how you do purr,

With grace and poise, you do stir, Your whiskers twitch, your eyes alight, A sight to behold, such a delight.

With fur so soft and colors so bright, You prowl and play through the night, Your nimble paws, your silky tail, All make for a charming tale.

You curl up close and make us smile, Your gentle purring all the while, Your love and warmth, your playful ways, Make our hearts sing with joyous praise.

Oh, sweet cat, how we adore thee, Your beauty and grace, for all to see, May you always roam with ease and glee, A cherished friend, for eternity.

Peter MechLast Seen: Apr 12, 2023 @ 1:25am 1AprUTC

Peter Mech


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