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16th October 2023 | 8 Views

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Hey, I am the new Army of BTS. I just wanted to share you how I came a fan of them. 
One of my friends is an ARMY of BTS, so to make her jealous I would be buying small stuffs whenever wherever I go. Literally this was my habit first. 
And one day My sister was like memorizing all their names I was like “When did you started becoming their fan” and I started asking her how could you recognize the persons correctly?. 
  I asked that question to her because I could recognize only V and seems difficult to recognize others in the group because their looks were same. 
 And then my sister taught me and first two days i were confused and within a week I started recognizing them and I became their ARMY.
Not only by recognizing them I became an Army but also by how hard they have gone through to come to this stage. It brings me goosebumps when I hear it. They changed my life from hopeless to hopeful. 
 And I am feeling so proud to be their ARMY. 
    They have made history and there is no doubt.
                LOVE YOU BTS💜
 I Will be always loving you because you have taught me “It doesn’t matters where you are from, how you look”.
They also taught me ” It doesn’t matters whether you are good at languages u speak ; Speak it loud what you know without losing your Hope “.

A quote to BTS- “I admire and I respect you for your simplicity💜”-Purple World

How I feel about the members, 
RM: One of the greatest leaders I have ever seen, without him there is no BTS. He is like a star who brightens up others life. Be the way you are Rap Monster. Love you 💜. 
Jin: His care for his brothers❤, His comedies whenever I see his videos his comedy sense and his face reactions makes me feel good. The World Wide Handsome with lots of love. By looking up him I have learnt how to treat my sister. He is literally a gem. 
Suga: A man who is always being silent and act as he don’t care about others but at the same time he cares about other members. He is also a gem. He will never smile too much but when he smiles the whole universe will be mesmerized by his smile, meow. 
JHope: Yeah! Of course you are my Hope. You have taught me not to bother about others who comment on your own appearance. Borahae 💜. 
V: The first member, I could recognize. I love taekook, When v and jk is in one frame it feels super happy to me. And I have learned from him that Rejections are okay just accept it and move on. 
Jimin: Jiminshi , Jiminaah “The hardworker”.I loved the boy with chubby cheeks, He never let others to feel alone. His friendship with V is just ” Amazing “. Love you 💜
Jungkook: The thoughts I wanted to share with JK. 
           JK don’t be sad, you are not alone, there are  armies for you. If you feel unhappy, we BTS army are also unhappy. 
You are being a booster who boost us, how  can you get tired of? 
Your cute SMILE makes us to forget all our sorrows. 
Our Love For You will never fades away. Love from Tamil Nadu (India)… Borahae💜.. 
You are the cutest bro ever. 
 The 7 Real Prince who are in real world and not in Disney World. 
The world of them is Purple💜 so we Armys have 7 precious purple stars . 

Purple World



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