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Love is all about trust 💯

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Distance doesn’t stop you from loving a person . Make yourself free, start giving time for your loved ones. I have seen that silence doesn’t express what you feel, it just build’s gap between the person you love. Start expressing even if you are bad at expressing things. There are times you feel hurt by your loved ones, try to express it . If you are hurt don’t try to hide it, at the end you are going to suffer.

All I heard about love is, love hurts and we are not ready to fall in love again. I think love never hurts. If you ever been in love or felt love… you feel like you are the best person alive over there, you feel like you want to spend your rest of the life with the person you love. Falling in love is not what it hurts, it’s the person …who hurts you. Stop being scared to fall in love again.

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