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Rajasthan: Back to Home | Day 10

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We just got up in the morning and rushed to the temple as we have booked the vip darshan. It was really very difficult to get up in the early morning. We bought the Prasad and did our darshan fast as we had to go to Delhi on the same day. Till 10:00am, we were actually free doing darshan. We also got served with the ‘langar’ on the first floor. They served us with lot of vegetables, desert(choorma) and our stomach was full. We got out of the temple, and started with our day ride to Delhi. It was very hot and humid. I was really very impressed with Rajasthan. It served us with a lot of pleasures. At lot of places between the way, we also flew our drone. Rajasthan was really expeditionary. The way to Delhi was all 4 lane highway which was built recently. We clicked a lot of photos.

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