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Poetry Collection: Secrets of My Heart Melted and Molded into Words-PUSHED OUT OF LIFE


16th October 2023 | 6 Views

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Today, it is raining, raining all night

The soul is circling the mind,

Waiting for the morning to come

My slumber is far away from me

The dark clouds above and the thundering lights

Increased my anxiety in the dense fog of thoughts.

All is still and silent around

It’s all the night’s impression,

The rain outside, the trees shaking with the wind,

The wind whistled through the broken window,

The heart skipping its beat and life trembling,

The water dripping through the roof,

I shifted my place, from the dripping water.

This temporary shelter of mine

Felt to be melting, melting to be part of the rain.

I could see my home

Far far from my sight,

The home that is far from me,

Home full of happiness,

Four brothers and two sisters

In my home, when young we played together.

Sitting around and talking,

Studying and helping each other.

The everlasting bond we had getting stronger day by day.

I looked out through the broken window,

Saw the rain and the wind intensifies.

The clouds getting denser making the night

A never-ending night.

My parents saw us growing together

They themselves getting old.

Today is not the day when I join them for dinner

Everyone loved the home and the home loved us,

My mother’s selfless love bonded us together

My mother never expressed it, but I knew she loved me the most.

She sculpted my sorrows into happiness

My mother’s lap where my head forgot all its grief,

Her hand combing through my hair showering

Her love and giving me confidence.

I looked through the broken window

Saw a lightening hit the far-off tree

The tree was engulfed in flames but no one to help.

The tree enjoying the rain and wind was now very still.

My Father, the pillar of strength in my home

Who was getting old but remained committed,

Did not hesitate even for a moment,

Those who ran to him for his aid.

He was the one who gave me confidence

To venture out and look into the world.

My father gets old but never realized

Would cry out with me when I was in pain

Today when his golden son,

Felt his presence he was far off.

Where, where do I cry?

On whose shoulder shall I lie?

I could visualize their happiness

When they would see me tomorrow.

Tomorrow seemed quite far off today.

But it will come tomorrow.

No, I will not cry, my parents won’t approve of it.

And then I saw water flowing,

Flowing into my shelter.

Within no time it was up to my knees.

Something like this has never happened to me before,

I could not move away from the place

My mind still was in my home.

My heart was moist, my eyes dripping

I looked out of the broken window.

I heard a loud thunder

But no, it was not the thunder.

It was the sound of a huge structure breaking

Along with the sound of gushing water.

It was the sound of the nearby dam breaking

Now I have no escape.

I looked through the broken window

Saw a massive wall of water speeding

Towards my shelter.

The wall of water hit my body

My body which was no more mine

Felt like a feather drifting through the wind

I saw myself being raised to a height

I felt like climbing up and up

No pain, no sorrow only a glow of light

From the height, I saw my brothers and sisters huddled together,

I saw my parents waiting for me

These were the last thoughts I remembered

And at last, I was home.

Debasish Ganguly



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