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A Sad Truth Of Today’s Parents

16th October 2023 | 80 Views

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    I am writting a story which will explain about the sad truth of today’s parents and their behaviour to their child as The story starts from a student. He was living with his father and mother in a city. He was a very bright student from his childhood. His father and mother was too much concerned about his study. Every time they says their son that if you are studying then do the best in your class. They also said yo him that you should have to focus only on your study and don’t spent your valuable time with your friends by playing sports. The boy also listened his parent’s every words.

   His study was also going good and he was also getting the first position in the class in every examinations. But a day came which he never forgot in his entire life because On that day his annual exam’s result was published and he got second position in the class. After reaching home he showed his marksheet to his father. Then his father angrily said him that if you can’t become first in the class then why you are alive and its better to die than to be second in the class.

    After listening these words from his father, he decided that he will always become first in the class. Because his father’s words hurted him too much. And he started to study harder than before and after that he always became first in his life’s every examinations. Then he got a job offer from NASA as a scientist. His father and mother were very happy by their son’s success. Then he prepared to go to join in NASA. And it was the last time when his father and mother saw their son’s face physically. Because after that he only talked with his father and mother via phone call or video call but he never came to see his father and mother.

    One day he said his father that he loves a girl and he wants to marry that girl. After listening his words father and mother got happy because they will see their son after many years and said him that please come here and we will finish your marriage here. But their son refused to come here and he said that I have not that much time to come there and I will complete my marriage ceremony here. Then his father said we want to see you and your marriage in our own eye but you are saying that you will complete your marriage there.

    Then his son said that father, do you remember what you said me when I got second in the class. You had said me that better to be die than to be second in the class. From that time I had decided that I will always become first. And by coming first in my entire life I also got a job in the world’s best place. You had told me that don’t waste your time with your friends. So now I don’t want to waste my time for the marriage. I am happily staying here and if you need any money then I will send you via internet banking. So please don’t tell me again to come there. Then tears came from his father’s eyes and felt so sad for that past incident.

   So the moral of the story is we have to give proper education to our child but we can’t force them to study very hard as much as you can and get very good result. Because we can only work hard but we can’t make sure that result is in our favour.

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