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If Thief Is In Our Home

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     What will you do if thief is in your home. I mean if anyone from your family member is stealing your money and other expensive things from your house then what will you do ? Because no lock has made to keep your money or any expensive things safe from your family members.

      I remembered an incident from my childhood memories about one of my my friend to give examples for this.

      A boy reading in class IV was always stealing money from his father’s pocket or mother’s vanity bag to buy things or to eat some fast foods. His mother and father also knew about this thing. And they also said him that it is very bad nature. So please don’t do this and sometimes they also beat him for this. When anybody suggests to his mother that always keep your purse in the locker then, she simply replies if thief is in our own home then what is the use of the locker. And she also says only good moral stories will help her son to avoid this bad habbit.

     Moral from this story is we have no solution for the thief which is in staying our home. So we have to teach our children what is good and what is bad from their early childhood. This will help them to be a good person in their life.

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