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Why We Should Have To Stay Away From Negative People

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         When we hear the word negative it totally disturbs our mind. If the word negative is that much bad then we should have to stay away from the negative people.

          There are so many people in the world who are negative in nature. So they are not only harmful for us but also their negativity impacts on our mind also. As an example if you  make friendship with a thief then you can’t learn how give respect to other’s hard earned money. But if you make friendship with a businessman you will learn the value of money and time. Difference is clear because if your friend circle is good then you will learn valuable things but if your friend circle is bad then you can’t learn good things.

          Cutting a tree and planting a tree is the perfect example of this also. Because if a person is planting a tree then he/she is helping our earth to make green. So everyone will get the pure oxygen and it will also helps for rain. We have to choose that we will destroy or we will create. Creativity comes from positive people because they want to create something which is good for the society. But negative people always want to destroy the creation.

       So if you want success then be positive and keep yourself far from negativity.

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