The Ultimate Aim of My Life ?

16th October 2023 | 36 Views

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      Each and every living and non living organisms in the universe were created for some reason. When you are born, you develop a goal in your mind and then you spend your entire life fulfilling that goal. Everyone has a different goal / aim in life for which we ought to accomplish. You might be thinking why am I mentioning the term “Aim or Goal” again and again ? Well ! To be honest, that is the topic that I’d like to bring up to you on this auspicious platform. 

See, everyone has got a different perspective of defining an aim. Some bring it on in a scientific way, while some in the religious way. Some define it in a philosophical way, while others in a spiritual manner. In the similar way, from my frame of reference, I’d define an aim as the ultimate motive to understand the reason for our birth. As mentioned earlier, that everyone in this universe was born for some reason, but do you know what that reason is ? I’d like to bring this question in front of you. Think for a moment…

        According to me, no one was born to become a burden to Mother Earth, but was born to eradicate and slay down the burdens on Mother Earth ! It is important, to explore the world around you, but it is more important to look at the world that is within you! Without knowing who you are, you cannot know what the world is. 

        Think over the point of your own existence. Every part of this world is created to perform some duty and each one of them has their own advantages and limitations. Knowing your own pros and cons should be prioritised first before moving ahead in life. 

       Coming back to the topic, regarding what is my ultimate goal or aim in life ? Yes! I do have an aim in life just like the rest, and my aim is to find the reason for my own existence. Since I was a child, I always wondered 🤔 that why was I brought to this world 🌍. So out of curiosity, I started asking my mom and dad about it. Also, I gathered some answers from my companions and teachers, too. But I never received a proper response from anyone. I was very much eager to know the reason behind me landing on this planet. One day, I casually brought myself in front of the mirror. I was staring at me.

Looking at my own reflection, I realised that the true answer to this question does not lie within others but lies within me. To everyone’s surprise, I started talking to myself.

Landscape With Milky Way And Silhouette Of A Happy Man~2

And that is a must! If you really want to find the answer to this question, you have to ask yourself about it. People may call you a maniac, but always remember, it is not you but those people who are lunatic, because they fail to understand the reason for their own being. 

I’d like to bring up a thoughtful line from one of my own collections ‘Always Remember from the book Marshsianuda’ ;

“Give a reason to your life, do not reason your life.”

In order to give a reason to your life, you need to find the reason for your life…. 

So keep looking, until you find it…. Whatever it takes!

To be continued….

  • ‘Marshsianuda’ is a poetry collection of a variety of genres written by Sudarshan Kumaresan. It comprises a number of motivational and inspirational poems and other genres like romance, fantasy, etc.

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Enjoy reading :);)!!!!!! 

And stay tuned….

Sudarshan Kumaresan



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