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Holding on or Letting go

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Holding on is difficult, so is letting go; but choosing between the two is even more hard

Sometimes, in life, you have to choose between two things. It’s quite difficult to choose whether you should hold on to a thing or let it go. In situations like these, ask yourselves these questions:

  1.  What is more beneficial to me or the other person: letting go or holding on?
  2.  Even if I want to hold on, is it really worth it?
  3.  Am I bringing trouble to me or the other person by holding on? 
  4.  Can I really survive after letting it go?

You have to be honest with yourself while answering these questions. Yes, it can be painful while letting go, but if holding on is even more painful, you have no other choice left.

If you are observing changes in yourself while holding on, especially negative, it’s time to let go. Also, if any of your other relations are getting affected while holding on, this is also a sign to let go off things.

Now, when holding on, you are preparing your mind by telling that this particular situation can get better, but if you see no signs of it, in fact things are getting more messed up, there’s no point in holding on. It’s time to let go. You will survive after letting go, it isn’t hard.

Letting go doesn’t just mean letting go off a situation, but it also means letting go off your feelings, and starting a new life.

Remember, every end is a new beginning.

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