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From Childhood to Adulthood 
Fighting against all the battles
Faced many worst conditions 
Facing them alone ,,
Struggling with them ,,
Losing was not the solution 
So kept fighting with them.                           And got sucess                                             While  fighting with them.                              But now it’s getting harder  to fight with them                                                                            I am mentally struggling and now struggling with those voices inside  this head day by day its getting difficult to handle them  .                                                 From those voices it feels like  it will take my life.                                                               Don’t want to be a loser and  don’t want to lose this battle ,,.                                                 But every person has its own limits and always being a polite person and  having patience nature ,,.                                             Now it’s seem like these limit has also been  crossing its own limit and   it testing my patience  and it’s getting break

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