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Rajasthan: Fort's Welcome Us | Day 9


16th October 2023 | 89 Views

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The Taj hotel was most likely 5-star, but actually it was 4-star. If you are visiting Jodhpur, I would recommend this hotel. After having that complimentary buffet breakfast at the first floor, we visited a fair which was put up just in the front of the hotel on the other side. It was really a good one for children. Many rides and eatable stalls were put up. Many Rajasthani arts stalls were also put up. This was really a good start. After that lovely fair, we visited one of the largest forts in India, “Mehrangarh fort”. It was really a very big one. It’s only about 12km from the center of the city. You have to escape a lot of narrow roads and climb up the hill. We were able to escape these roads very difficultly. After reaching the fort, you will be asked for a parking fee which was not more than Rs30. No enterance fee. There was surprisingly, Café Coffee Day built up inside the fort. But if you want to go at the top of the fort, you had to climb up steep height on foot. This is the most difficult part. But when you reach at the first section, you will see a lots of big canons which were used by kings at that time. You will only be able to see the back view of the fort, where there is nothing. For full view, you have to go to the top. Between the first section and the top, you will be able to see CCD. Along with that you will also see an art gallery and a museum. On reaching top, you will be surprised to see the view. You will not believe in your eyes. After reaching there, we saw a lots of dormitories in which the soldiers used to sleep. There were many marks of the bullets on the doors and the walls. There were even more canons which were kept very well, which were used to fight the invading power then. The view is amazing and even mesmerizing. It’s even better than that you will see at the fort in Udaipur. This is the most biggest and recommendable places to visit in RAJASTHAN. After returning , we visited a local market in jodhpur. It was all for clothes, especially for ladies. I was really bored. We were left with a lot of time. It was only 4:00pm, we decided why not to go further. Everyone was obliged to do so. We checked-out the hotel and started for ride to Salalsar( one of the biggest places in India to worship lord Hanuman). It was only about 270km. We got out of Jodhpur and again got on a single road. We made our way to Salasar and reached there by 10:00pm. We stayed in a Dharamshala, which was really very good and clean place. There are many dharamshala’s in Salasar to plan your stay. We checked in there and just went for a complimentary dinner, which is actually there called Prasad and was kind of buffet system. Being tired, we just slept and had a plan that the next day we will be going the Hanuman Ji temple there.

Akarshit Mahajan



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