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Journey always gives us new aspirations and new ventures. This time there is another place, another city another exciting journey to one of the most glorious places on this planet. The scenically remarks of the city defines the natural beauty of its amazing scenic views. It’s none other than SWITZERLAND, God’s own country. It all started, landing at about 4:00 pm at ‘Zurich Airport‘. As we stepped out from the airport to our taxi, a breeze of the city just flew away all my jet lag. It was seemed like all my tiredness had gotten absorbed by this beautiful country. My first stop was ZURICH which had the biggest airport in Switzerland where I land too. I took a train from the airport to my hotel. The hotel where I stayed in was the 4-5 stars ‘Marriott Hotel’ which I will recommend. From inside, the hotel looked like a palace. However, I got my keys from the reception and went straight to my room. My room was marvelous as I expected. I took rest for a while until my tour guide arrived. His name was ‘Armelia‘. He was really very fluent in English. So, it was very easy for us to talk with him. I took my bag in which I had put some snacks, water bottle and some electronic stuff. He came at last with a big van. He started giving me an introduction of this place and little about himself. He asked me if I wanted to go to Swiss national museum which I straight away said “no” to because I hated museums. Then I remembered, which I searched before at my home, a famous street called the ‘Bahnhofstracce’. I told him to take us there. I soon as I reached there was many people there. Everything was very expensive there. I just bought a coffee with some desert there which loved. Then I clicked some photos and went from there. As we were heading back, Armelia told me about the lake right next to me ‘THE ZURICH LAKE’. It was delightful. Suddenly, he told us that it is going to be a sunset in 2-3 hours so he suggested that we should go to mountain ‘Uetliberg’ where I was going to see the actual heavenly nature of Swiss. I told him to hurry up and take me up there. I took a cable car and saw those incredible scenes. It felt that I was flying and from all the way up, I saw whole Zurich. And from that I returned to the hotel till it was a sunset.

Akarshit Mahajan



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