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Why Should You Adopt Certain Habits to Change Your Life?


16th October 2023 | 2 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: I took advice from a person who is a philosopher and thinker. He gives moral instructions and is loaded with values and good habits. I was going through a tough phase of my life when one of my friend introduced me to him and asked me to talk to him. I did speak to him openly about my stress and he, after asking a lot of questions about my lifestyle and habits (which at that time I felt were completely irrelevant), suggested me to follow some habits. Today, I would simply like to thank that person for guiding me and improving my life. I am sharing the knowledge you gave me with others.

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Success and failure—both form a part of our lives. Oh no, this girl has started her article with lectures. No, no, I am not here to lecture anybody. But nobody can deny the fact that #success in whatever we do makes us #happy while failure makes us sad. It hurts differently when we try our level best to do something but even after extensive efforts, we fail miserably. Often we get frustrated because we are unable to figure out where we are going wrong despite our endless efforts. We try to focus on the activities at hand and try to improve on them and again, fail.

Why is it so? Where am I going wrong? What the hell is happening?—Sounds familiar, right? These doubts have definitely popped up in your mind at certain stages of your lives, if not often. Trust me, I am not different from you. These self-doubts do pop up in my mind too. If these questions pop up often, then we need to take them seriously and really do something about these.

Have you ever wondered that the problem may not be in the work that you are doing, rather in the #life that you are leading? Oops, that was too bitter to digest! But believe me, truth is bitter and lie is sugar coated. And yes, you read it right. The problem is in the life that we lead, in certain habits that we follow.

I came across a well-learned person who pointed this out to me. He asked me various questions about my #lifestyle and #habits and then concluded that those are the causes behind my failure at work. What? How are these even related? He said, they are. Then he suggested several #life-changing tips and asked me to follow those diligently starting the same day. He assured me that my life would change for good. Well, I was actually going through a tough time and so I thought, ‘Okay, let me give this a try! Already I am going through enough pain, what more can happen!’ After all, there was no harm except for a few habit change and yes, those changes were definitely painful because I had to come out of my comfort zone.

Nevertheless, I started practicing those habits from the same day. They were uncomfortable, tiring and irritating. And then, I started getting used to this #lifestyle #change and trust me, it really worked. I noticed changes not only in my health and mind, but also in my concentration, focus and memory which ultimately affected my work in a #positive way.

I wish I knew these earlier. Anyway, it’s better late that never. I am so thankful to that great person for his valuable tips. I will share those tips and their detailed #benefits with you all too because I am sure, most of you need this. Following those habits is totally your choice. I will be happy if these help you all in a positive way. Stay tuned!

Pallabi Chakravorty



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