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SMiling OUTside while BROken INside

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Most of them must have read the title and realised for a second “AHHH.. that’s me”. 

Yes, I come across majority of people living such moments for various reasons.  It might be like you lost a person , you broke up with someone, you are with someone but constantly feel that the person in your life is unable to match your emotional quotient .

Interestingly , Introverts by nature and also by default feel this way most of the time because a lot of emotion has been piling up inside them and they don’t get to vent out so easily. Again reasons might vary like you don’t know to speak your mind out, you are too much worried that opposite person might get hurt, how to maintain the relationship like it was before post venting out or just lack of energy to deal with the process of speaking your mind and heart.

Imagine if this happens for Days, Weeks, Months, Years and then a Decade…?!! Sounds dreadful right!!

It feels something exactly like this :

“You wanna go back home even before you leave for a socialising event.”

“Your heart is heavier than your body and Mind is even more Louder than a sea tide on a full moon night.”

“From just not being comfortable around people to slowly start hating them..”

Years will pass and you will just lay down and cry without realising why and cannot help yourself and sadly after a point even if anyone wants to help you, you do not know where to start because you forgot what happened, but the scars of every incident remained so deeply inside you.!!

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