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Everybody desires to fall in love with that  best person and get fully immersed in the love till death parts. Just take this:

  •  Always seek God before finding a partner. He knows that best fit.
  • Forgive yourself before getting to the sweetheart. Avoid carrying your hurts to their hearts.
  • Heal first then take the step of loving them. Avoid virus spread to the innocent ones.
  • Do not go for them just because you pity them. Move with genuine love.
  • Listen to your innermost as you choose that partner. Its the communication center for God.

With this  be assured of that perfect match,( SWEETHEART)

Loosing it here you loose it all, you cant allow yourself just to live with an enemy for the rest of your life make wise decisions. Its all about your JOY and your LIFE.

TODAY; Divorce has become like the air we breathe but the CHANGE is all within YOU.  You can do the vice versa of this by making Love to be like the air we breathe, as you remember that ‘GOD IS THE AUTHOR OF LOVE’ ( 1 john 4;8). GOD HATES DIVORCE (Malachi 2: 16)

You can help safe many of our youths today for a better tomorrow. #shareshareshare @marriagetips@[email protected]

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