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Action Launcher Plus || Cracked Apk Download || Direct [2018] || Pixel Edition

16th October 2023 | 11597 Views

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What is it?

Action Launcher is now the world’s best android launcher for mobiles. It has been made by the company called Action Launcher itself on 4th December, 2013. It has now over 5 million of total downloads with latest patch on May 6 2018 (According to May 2018). It has overtaken nova launcher which was earlier the best launcher. You can Download it for free but have to pay for plus version though in-app-purchase but you can download it for free using the like provided below. Also do check out Photshop CC 2019 Free Download and Windows 10 Free Download.

How to Download?

The given link will take you to the YouTube channel of SakshamGoelTx. Just click the first like in the description and download it by skipping ad on adfly page provided on the top right. This will redirect you to the mediafire page and you will see the big green button. Click the button and it will start downloading for you to enjoy. This is the easiest way to download this launcher (paid) for free in the fastest way possible.

What are the settings?

Most of the settings are shown in the tutorial of the launcher but you have to download addons for the launcher to get google now page going with the icon pack. You have to download the pixel icon pack available free in the play store but the now interrogation page will be provided from a website as it is not available in the play store.

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