Rajasthan: Adventure Time | Day 7

16th October 2023 | 96 Views

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Day 7

Our real aim was to visit the place Sam sand dunes. This is a party place for the tourists. The 7th day was the best day of my trip. It was really an adventurous day. We started early from Jaisalmer and checked in to our camp in Sam Sand Dunes. It is around 40km from Jaisalmer. It was really very easy to find the camp we had to stay. It was really inside the proper Thar Desert. As it was very easy to find the camp, but to take the car from the desert was really a very big task. We were provided with welcome drinks. We were the first one to check in there. It was too hot there. The temperature there in January was easily 30-35 degree. As we were not tired, we headed for a jeep ride in the dunes of Thar Desert. We had pre-booked 2 jeeps for the ride. That was really an amazing jeep ride. The turns that expert driver took, we were shocked. We stopped at a place which was a good shelter for refreshments. We just had cold drinks because we were de-hydrated of hotness there. We also had a camel ride after having refreshments there. The camel ride was really a true experience of travelling in deserts. Zip-lining was also there which was really expensive. After having the jeep ride, we met one of our friend who was on ride from Chandigarh to Goa. Actually he was going back as he had completed his ride. We were truly inspired and we are also planning a trip to Goa by road. It was really a good experience meeting him. After this, we all headed to the sunset point which was truly mind blowing. We played a lot of games there. After returning to the camp, we were informed that there has been a huge accident on the way from Jaisalmer and Sam Sand Dunes. That was actually an accident of a bus which was on tour coming to Sam Sand Dunes. They said that this has blocked the whole road and he said it would take around 12 hours to take the bus away from there. We were really shocked hearing this. Many people who had booked their stay in camp cancelled their program and headed back. Only our family and 2 more families were there. But we enjoyed this also in an outstanding way. We just celebrated the camp party at night in an other way. At night, the temperature dropped down to 10 degrees. It was too cold for us that time. Luckily, there was bonfire. We enjoyed that very much by dancing and playing different kinds of games. Snacks were served. After that, we had our truly delicious traditional dinner with lot of spices. That was really the best day in my whole trip. After the party, being tired, we just slept. I would recommend that place to be visited in your Rajasthan list at the top. Despite of going Jaipur, we visited this place and were very happy that we took such a wonderful decision. Our plan was to go Mount Abu after Udaipur, but one of my friend recommended to go this place. Mount Abu is also a good place to be visited but if you have a good budget to spend then this is recommendable. You can also visit both places but we were short of duration, so we visited Sam Sand Dunes, if you want a true desert experience in India. This is the most popular destination for tourists in India who are looking for desert experience.

Akarshit Mahajan



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