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16th October 2023 | 1 Views

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8.30 am Local.

20230228 085958

My office starts at 9.30 am and for that I change trains twice. If my 8.30 am local gets missed, then I have to wait for 8.37 am at Harbour line.

The fight to achieve something with energy in office is another story. But to fight to get inside the dabba is one of the morning achievement.

Once I enter or people push you inside so it makes more easier way to get inside the train. Then you will find lakhs of stories booned in 12 compartments. 

And my height is 5 feet so I always struggle more if standing, crushed in-between two people one from front and one from behind.

In short I get free massage, and perfume.

The only mission is to catch the train and get out of it is another mission.

Will share stories happening in ladies compartment in parts.

Share love.

Shipra Jha



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